Well, it’s day two of the new semester here at Regent. I’m bustling around the college today making a few announcements, signing up for the neccesities, and rubbing shoulders with old friends. It’s good to be back in a normal rhythm again. Lea has been in California for the last few days on a planning retreat for the Alongside Recruiting Team. Apparently her time there has been productive and helpful. I’m looking forward to having her back though. Things get pretty primitive without her.

We’ve had a very busy month including our return from Estonia (on the 13th of August), a move to our new residence (4372 Elgin Street, Vancouver, BC, V5V 4R7; phone numbers are the same), a rigorous bout with the PCUSA ordination exams, and the honor of attending the wedding of my brother Joel and his wife Angie. At the end of the flurry, we took a week to head up into the wilds of N. Idaho for a canoe trip on Priest Lake. It was just what the doctor ordered.

All the best to you web-watchers. I’ll get back to posting more interesting things as soon as possible.

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