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The “Cornerstone Society” of Free-Use Chapels

The Nurgakivi Selts is envisioned as a network of free-use chapels with capacity for 12 worshipers maximum. Chapels are intended as a short-term resource for small gatherings of seekers, worshipers and refuge seekers in places too small or remote to plant a church or maintain a full-use building. Chapels address the need for low cost, purpose-built, and easily managed infrastructure to facilitate small worship gatherings. Chapels also anticipate the growing need for temporary shelter for pilgrims, the broken and needy, or those fleeing war or hardship in their home country.

Rural Re-evangelization Summer Internship

Purpose The purpose of this internship is to provide a mentored, immersive, cross-cultural ministry experience for young people discerning the shape of their contribution to the re-evangelization of the post-Christian West. Growth focuses  Skills for immersive cross-cultural ministry, applicable in any setting Familiarization with a functional language learning model Developing tools for asset-based community development … Continue reading Rural Re-evangelization Summer Internship