Last night I sat among many other exited and pleased spouses who couldn’t wait to watch their better halves walk across the stage to receive their degree.

The four years we have spent in Vancouver have been dominated by study, late nights at the library and overnighters to finish papers. But they have also been years to form new friendships, enjoy this beautiful and diverse city and grow to be a stronger couple. Over these four years, I have seen Matt blossom in his studies, writing strong papers, engaging in deep and meaningful conversations, and constantly being challenged to push the boundaries of his thinking.

This weekend, we were happy to host Matt’s sister Susanna and her husband Eric, his youngest brother Sam and his mom and dad who all came to town to celebrate the occasion. It was a great time of sharing, laughing, eating and strolling through Vancouver’s eclectic neighborhoods. These four years we spent in the Northwest have also been a great chance to spend more time with the Edminster family and share some special moments with them.

We have one more week left here. One more week planned full of last connections and arrangements for the next chapter. We will say our final goodbyes on April 30th and then we’re off to Spokane. Thank you so much for all your support, friendship and prayers which have helped us make it through these four years.

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Congratulations Matt!! We really miss you !!