Ok … enough is enough. I’ve been messing around with different methods of putting videos up on the site and I think I’ve got something I can be satisfied with. We’ve had stuff up on Facebook for a while now but not everyone is on Facebook and we want to share some clips of the kids with our friends and family.

So … here’s the deal. From now on, you can find our latest clips of the kids (and of other things too though I doubt they’ll be as entertaining) on a new page I’m calling “Media”. Kind of a lame name for something so close to the heart, I know. Offer me something better in your comments and I’ll change it. This page will include both our Photo Albums and Video Clips. From time to time I’ll change the featured video in the upper-right hand corner of the navigation column so you can see what’s new on the front page.

That ought to do it. No more emails everytime I post a new video!

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Jon Andresen

Enjoyed the article on spam and our need to say ‘No’ more than we do.

Blessings ——– Jon