The kids passports came in just before Christmas and so we jumped on a pair of tickets to States to introduce them to my family. We’ll be traveling between family hotspots between the 11th and 22nd of March but there will also be a couple of opportunities to meet with friends and supporters along the way. If you can join us at any one of these stop-offs, we’d love to see you:

  • March 14th in Spokane, WA (2:00pm potluck @ Knox Presbyterian Church)
  • March 16th in Payson, AZ (Time and place TBA)
  • March 17th in Tucson, AZ (7:00pm @ Northminster Presbyterian Church)
  • March 20th in Seattle, WA (4:00pm @ TBA)

We’ll be firming up details in the next few days. Keep an eye on this post and leave us a comment to let us know if you are coming.

3 thoughts on “Going Transatlantic

  1. Hi Matt, are you and Lea flying directly to Spokane? And then are you renting a vehicle or flying to AZ? We were wondering if Northport is too far away from Spokane. Will you be flying home from Seattle? Don’t know if we can connect with you. Don’t think many will come from Northport to Spokane to see you, and don’t know if it is worth your time to come north on such a short visit. Thanks, Lana Henry

    1. Great to hear from you Lana. We’ll be flying in from Seattle on the evening of the 11th and then have a few short days to spend with family. We head out by plane on Sunday the 15th to see extended family in Arizona. It would be great to be able to see you guys in Northport and given a bit more time, I’d jump at the opportunity. But this trip is just too short to try to fit in individual visits. If any of you can make it to Spokane for the Knox potluck we’d love to see you. Otherwise, we’ll see you the next time I come through specifically with church visits on the agenda. Greetings to the folks in Northport.

  2. Thanks for a quick response. You are really packing alot into a week! Glad you will be able to introduce two little ones to loved ones and friends in the States. Don’t know what is on the agenda for March 14th. May God protect you as you travel, Lana

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