Rural Re-evangelization Summer Internship

Purpose The purpose of this internship is to provide a mentored, immersive, cross-cultural ministry experience for young people discerning the shape of their contribution to the re-evangelization of the post-Christian West. Growth focuses  Skills for immersive cross-cultural ministry, applicable in any setting Familiarization with a functional language learning model Developing tools for asset-based community development … Continue reading Rural Re-evangelization Summer Internship

Pensively Pastoral: A Reader’s Advisory

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Pensively Pastoral

I have been struggling to know where to start my next blog series entitled "Pensively Pastoral". The purpose of the series is to outline some of the problems that I see with our conception of the pastorate - at least in the traditions and settings I am familiar with. However, I fear this series will … Continue reading Pensively Pastoral: A Reader’s Advisory

corn fields under white clouds with blue sky during daytime

Mission in the Cloud

My last few posts have been riffs on re-imagining our approach to evangelizing a whole cultural-geographical area. Missio-mandering introduced our Union's approach to administrative regions and discussed whether the limitations of the current system might be alleviated by redistricting. This may seem like a purely political question but for rural pastors geographical proximity to partners … Continue reading Mission in the Cloud

Bottles or Pipes?

This video is a visual summary of some of my recent thinking on the changing nature of congregational ministry in Estonia. I'm thinking in particular of the way that resources can be intentionally shared between congregations and leveraged for greater missional effectiveness.