NextStep 2009

The following is from an information sheet for the transcultural “Next Step” evangelistic project which was scheduled to take place in early August. The project recently fell through due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts for some member countries. I am posting this for reference and perhaps for future use as well.

Next Step 2009

Cooperating between cultures to extend the Kingdom of God across boundaries

How far does a European Christian need to travel to find a mission field? These days you don?t have to go very far. Not only are Christians a minority in formerly Christian nations, but our countries are becoming more multi-cultural all the time. The nations are in our backyard! In this context, the skills of cross-cultural ministry can be put to good use by any serious Christian. What?s more, when Christians join together in spite of their cultural differences to serve together, our unity in Christ will itself be our witness. These are the goals of Next Step 2009!

  • Are you looking for a way to deepen your faith and improve your ability to serve?
  • Are you struggling to understand God?s call on your life or to recognize your gifts?
  • Do you have a heart for European minority or immigrant populations?
  • Do you want to gain experience and skill in cross cultural ministry?

If you can answer ?yes? to any of these questions, Next Step 2009 might be the project for you.

Hands on, full-immersion evangelistic outreach

  • Live with a Russian host-family
  • Learn first hand about the realities of Estonian Russians
  • Use your gifts to serve on evangelistic teams
  • Hands on service opportunities among the people

Daily Bible study from the book of Ephesians

  • Becomining ministers of reconciliation
  • The unity of the Spirit between believers
  • The importance of spiritual gifts
  • Standing up to the powers

Questions we?ll be exploring

  • How can I better understand and minister effectively to my Russian neighbors?
  • How can I prepare myself for ministry either at home or abroad?
  • Who are my neighbors and what are their needs?
  • How do I discern God?s guidance in my life?
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