I’ve been sprinting around trying to manage multiple projects for the last few weeks. Two weeks back I dropped everything and spent a week of full days getting the apartment ready to move into. We made it in on the weekend and then I left for a week of Alongside planning in France. Now that I’m back, I’m finalizing preparations for a set of marriage preparation seminars to take place in early April. After I get that done, it’s back to summer preparations for about 2 weeks straight. Then Easter. Whew.

Morning Couch Blogger

This blog has suffered from neglect for about two months and I desperately need to get back to my writing and communication. You can expect the following site updates and blog articles over the course of the next few weeks:

New Posts

  • March Corkboard
  • 2010 Project Portfolio
  • Pictorial Witnessing
  • March Prayer Letter

Page Updates

  • Ministry Page Update
  • About Us Page Update
  • 2010 Project Descriptions

Site Improvements

  • Login with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail
  • Groups for Topical Discussion
  • Ministry Network Links
  • Per Project Contributions Link

These are all things I’ve been meaning to get around to. I’ve made it public now so you can hold me to it.

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Susanna Stutzman

Yup- you look tired. But we Edminster’s have always preferred being busy to being bored, so you’re looking pretty darn successful on that front! Excited to see pictures of the house.