Windows, Doors, Patio

Finished: Siding, roofing, (windows and doors by 8/27!).Sauna patio framed and plankedInterior framing (by 8/27) Next steps: Electricity, plumbing and ventilation (deadline September 15)Sauna construction, exterior chimney and sauna stove (deadline December 31)Breezeway, toilet and sauna tiling (deadline December 31)Gyproc walls and painting (February)Flooring and finishing (April)Eves, sofits, gutters, garage door

Rapla Baptisms, Summer 2021

This year we were warmly invited to join the Laagri congregation at their family camp at the lovely Nuutsaku facility in southern Estonia. On Sunday morning we had the joy of starting off our final day by baptizing two new members. Congratulations Ave and Sindy! (video in the post)